13 ideas on “ Israel: Progressive Hebrew Slang and other Popular Words ”

13 ideas on “ Israel: Progressive Hebrew Slang and other Popular Words ”

Look forward and you will explore.

We spent my youth speaking Hebrew using my mother, and you may purchasing 5 months when you look at the Israel this summer features needless to say considering myself the opportunity to habit and you can improve my personal fluency, and detect modern jargon (I was quite away-of-the-circle as yet). I thought i’d build a summary of slang or other words / phrases We have seen someone right here have fun with appear to. It was compiled with my sister at heart, who’s escort Hayward has just started practise himself the language (woo!).

Chaval al hazman……………………………….It is worth it/it is an enjoyable experience (can be said on the a location, experience or even person; virtually “a complete waste of time”)

Noo??………………………………………………….And you can?? (used when you find yourself enjoying anybody tell a story therefore should pay attention to how it happened next, or if you is wishing toward people to make a move; it’s a phrase whoever sole purpose will be to conveys impatience – just how Israeli..)

Chooki……………………………………………..Honey/Sweetie (usually targeted at a partner, date or canine; the brand new “ch” try pronounced enjoy it is within the identity “Charlie” for the English)

Have you any idea one jargon I did not were? Therefore, article phrases about statements less than. Special using Tal and Niv for leading to the list!

La’panim (virtually “toward deal with”) – Makes reference to something very Baduk (virtually “validated”) – Accustomed display your own consense with another individual Pzatza (literally “bomb”) – Makes reference to things extremely, or a sexy woman Hainoo Po (practically “we had been right here” in the previous demanding) – familiar with express their usually is moved regarding a location, by explaining it as if you find yourself currently went. Chavlaz – abreviation to possess Chaval al hazman due to the fact demonstrated significantly more than

Enjoy Lives!

We Thus enjoyed this article! Thanks for upgrading my personal Hebrew slang vocab; Perhaps exploit are some outdated ?? I favor like like your site image, btw!

Nu kvar! – Hurry-up already! Hayita found (told you *to* a guy) / Hayit meta (said *to* a female) – you want (lit. ‘might die’) Al gufi came across (told you *by* men) / Al gufati meta (said *by* a lady) – more than my deceased human body Ein matzav! – Not a way! (lit. ‘no situation’) Ma pitom?! – WTF?!/Have you been joking?/Could you be regarding your own rocker? (lit. ‘what suddenly’) Fashla – disaster Fadicha – a bang-upwards (always something you normally laugh on) Eizeh seret rah – an awful situation (illuminated. ‘a detrimental movie’) Kol ha’mi ve’mi – famous people (for example “That will be at that group?” “Kol ha’mi ve’mi!“) Kvar hayiti/hayinu ba’seret ha’zeh – I was/we were already at this flick = had the experience, done one Eizeh kotz ba’tachat – just what a problems in the ass (illuminated. ‘thorn regarding ass’) Kmo tochen mayim – instance grinding drinking water/it is pointless/going no place. Hevi li ainsi que ha’djanana – drives me personally in love (lit. ‘provides me personally the latest crazy’) Advertising matai? – When usually it getting over? (lit. ‘until when?’ IDF jargon. Don’t use it while you are in reality in-service. You’re going to be massaging commodes getting a couple of weeks) Kama od? – Just how much alot more? (IDF jargon, same as over) Profil Esrim ve’achat – in love (IDF slang. A visibility 21 was a help exception to this rule due to psych/med causes) Elek! – Because if! (Arabic) Dachilak! – Oh, puh-leeze! (Arabic) Ahalan – hi there (Arabic) Smoch alai – trust me (that your state “YEAH, Right!”) Al tidag, yiyeh be’seder! – Don’t be concerned, it will likely be ok (Israelis state that it even when bombs ‘re going out-of)

TODA RABA towards improvements! (thank-you!) As for “Ma ha’matzav” – I was planning to make it by doing this (and you are right, needless to say, that it is a correct pronunciation), however in big date-to-time fool around with many people slur the phrase and it also is released similar to “Maamatzav”.

What happened into oldie however, goodie, Ma Ha-inyamim? – what’s happening? I always liked this you to even when my personal Hebrew is a bit away from touch very…

Additions: A’leynoo?- you can not secret myself, I am up to your lays (lighted. ‘into the us. ‘) Stom!- shut up (illuminated. ‘close the hole!’) Stooma- idiot, females (illuminated. ‘banned head’) Satoom- idiot, male (‘blocked head’) Deer balak- be cautious (Arabic “look out!) Beten gav- doing nothing, laze away (lit. ‘belly back’) He koosit- she’s beautiful (illuminated. ‘the woman is an effective pussy’)