Jay, impression risky considering the events regarding Entry #twenty-four and you can Admission ###### , relocates so you can a lodge

Jay, impression risky considering the events regarding Entry #twenty-four and you can Admission ###### , relocates so you can a lodge

Entry #23 and you will Entryway #24 manage Jay apparently are teleported doing very first Our house and then his very own house; while in Our home, gates that ought to rationally produce complete other places are designed to only send him around from inside the sectors, and also at his or her own lay, he opens up the doorway regarding their rooms and not appears from other hand, re-typing their room two hours later on, without remember from where he had been.

Entry #twenty five reveals a reports claim that their flat got burnt down. Jay declares his advancing years on the data considering the fret however, recants as he get a tape of Alex appearing The newest Operator lookin ahead of himself along with his partner, Amy. Jay vows to ascertain how japan cupid it happened to Alex.

Eight weeks after , Jay wakes right up during the a mysterious college accommodation from inside the a not known area, and no thoughts of your stage anywhere between Records. The guy outlines to find out where he or she is as well as how the guy had truth be told there and you will fits their neighbors, Jessica, who’s acting some time strange. it will get apparent so you can Jay he and Jessica try the only patrons of one’s lodge and that the staff was the sole some body other than each of them there.

He seeks that it consolidation for the safer in the Jessica’s room, but it is unsuccessful; he 2nd could probably discover his or her own safe inside it

Jessica ultimately arrives clean and confesses that she, too, is missing a big chunk away from their thoughts and has now no tip as to the reasons this woman is on the resorts. Jay says to this lady so you’re able to pack up the woman blogs and possess able to depart with your. After Jay bags, however, he finds the woman place blank apart from a scrap of papers having “11 ? 2” composed inside. When you find yourself looking out the contents, he is assaulted by Disguised Kid, who’s significantly hobbling. Jay was able to stay away from the resort towards the safe’s contents, but Jessica try nowhere to be seen.

Jay discovers one to inside safer had been tapes and you may a difficult drive with video footage on the 7-day pit. The first movies shows your driving on the return address into the newest tape he got from Alex back in Entryway #twenty six, which happens to be a deserted strengthening. He production to that particular strengthening for the Admission #35, experiencing Alex, and then the Disguised Guy. New Disguised Boy attempts to stab Alex on the knife Jay shed in his 1st scuffle which have your, however, he could be slight by Alex. Alex brings off the cover-up to reveal it is Tim. Alex tries to crush Tim’s head for the with a rock however, just performs for the bashing their leg.

After, Jay pursue Alex through the woods, and you can Alex tells him a brief history of the town, hence seems to keep particular clues to what provider regarding The Driver. Jay does not seem to learn the significance of the story.

In another particularly, immediately following agreeing to meet Alex at Rosswood Playground , Jay becomes annoyed and solutions on the woods himself, in which he knowledge New Agent. He runs and falls his camera, however, discovers it to the their car as he and you may Alex score back again to the brand new parking lot.

The guy seeks so it combination into safer inside the Jessica’s space, but it’s unproductive; he 2nd is able to discover his personal safer on it

Brian Thomas
Brian of MarbleHornets

Brian Thomas try a character on the ARG Marble Hornets and you will has been a buddy away from Alex’s. He helps make extremely sparing looks.

His first physical appearance is at the beginning of the fresh new series during the numerous tapes where it is shown that he is a portion of the character to have Marble Hornets, but is consistently mad and you may baffled of the Alex’s attitude. If tapes one to Jay got away from Alex stop, it is uncertain concerning where Brian are otherwise what happened to help you him.